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Robusta Command Line

1. Add

Not all the extensions are added by defult. The following command helps us quickly add any available extensions

robusta add [extension_name]


2. Gen

Robusta also supports generating boilerplate code.

Current Robusta offers 2 types of generation:

  • Repository
  • Screen
robusta generate [type] [name]


When generating Repository, you can choose either GraphQL or Dio to suit your usecase.

Similar to Repository, Screen will also give you 2 options to choose from: Normal and Shell

Shell screen is basically a big wrapper for any subscreens inside.


You can think Shell screen is just like Fragments in Android, or Layout - [Header and Footer] in Web

3. New

To create a completely new flutter Project

robusta new [project name]


4. Self-update

Update new version of Robusta CLI

robusta self-update

5. Version

Check the current version of Roubusta CLI

robusta version