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Customize Extension

If you can't find any built-in extensions that serve your needs. Don't worry, Robusta have you cover.

You can implement class Extension and write your own logics inside and plug your own Extension inside the Runner

Firebase Core Extension
/// {@template robusta_firebase_core}
/// A Helper class for Firebase core initialization.
/// {@endtemplate}
class FirebaseCoreExtension implements Extension {
/// {@macro flutter_robusta_firebase_core}
const FirebaseCoreExtension({String? name, FirebaseOptions? options})
: _name = name,
_firebaseOptions = options;

final String? _name;
final FirebaseOptions? _firebaseOptions;

void load(Configurator configurator) {
configurator.addBoot(_boot, priority: 4096);

Future<void> _boot(ProviderContainer providerContainer) async {
await Firebase.initializeApp(name: _name, options: _firebaseOptions);

Put inside Runner

final runner = Runner(
extensions: [
const FirebaseCoreExtension(),

Future<void> main() =>;